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Too little, too late

I feel like such a complete idiot.  Seriously.

I got to work today and all was normal.  Had my breakfast, took my meds, drank my mug of tea, did work, talked to coworkers, nothing out of the ordinary.  As the morning went on, I noticed that I was almost stupidly tired, and having a tough time concentrating.  Nothing dinged as the culprit, but I knew it had to be something.

Lunchtime rolled around and I went out with a friend whose husband was just diagnosed as diabetic.  She doesn’t want it getting around work, but she wanted some advice and help with stuff.  I felt ok, drank half a glass of Pepsi for the caffeine, talked to her, and drove back.  The  afternoon was like a bad Dilbert strip.  I barely got anything done, and at one point, actually fell asleep at my desk for about 5-6min!  I’ve never done that before, and I realize that it’s a Very Serious Offense.  At 3:45, I finally just gave up.  I headed out, and picked the Ambassador up at school.  We had to run an errand to get a few last things for a Ren Fest costume for him* and even then, I was dragging tail.  He was starving to death, of course, so we hit Sonic on the way home (one of his favorites).  I wanted no part of food, but got a cherry limeade.  As I was driving home, I downed about half of it while chatting with the Ambassador, and out of the blue, the light bulb went on.


I forgot to bring my water bottle with me today.  I’d had nothing to drink the entire day but a cup of tea and half a glass of Pepsi.  I was dehydrated!  *facepalm*  What a nimrod.  So of course, I drank the rest, and I’m still kinda tired, but a whole, whole lot more alert than I was earlier.


*And yes, I have lost my mind yet again.  The Ambassador was invited by a friend to accompany his family to the Renaissance Festival, a huge annual event about an hour south of here.  His friend’s family dresses for it, so the Ambassador flipped those baby blues at me, and I found myself agreeing to make him into a court jester by Sunday morning.  Lord.

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