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Lately, my sanity is starting to feel like a car windshield that got nicked on the highway.

You’re cruising along and *thwack* a teeny little pebble gets kicked up at the glass.  Not even noticeable, really.  Just a little mark.

Later that week, you go to fill the gas tank, and while you’re washing the windows, you notice that little scuff it actually a ding.  A tiny chunk out of the glass, but really no big deal.

About a month later, you wander out to go to work on a chilly morning, and hey!  When did that little crack get there?  Huh…oh right.  That chunk of glass must’ve worked its way through.  Well damn.  But eh, it’s ok.  It’s just a sliver.

Another few weeks go by, and the sliver is now starting to wander across the short side of the windshield width.  Crap!  Gotta get that fixed, pronto!

Another frosty morning and your windshield now looks like a beautiful spider’s web.  And you quickly realize that the structural integrity of your windshield has vanished.

That’s where I’m headed right about now.

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