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The yo-yo week

It’s been several days of “really good” and “really cruddy” but at least that averages out to “ok,” right?

Thursday was cool because The Writer showed up for the weekend.  I was really glad she was coming to visit, as were the kids.  We hung out and chilled, and then headed up to watch the Ambassador play soccer.  We stopped for dinner and it took a while, so we were nearly late, but we made it for the National Anthem and kickoff.  I got some good shots from the sideline, and our boys won, so it was all smiles and high spirits afterward.  However, on the way back to the car, through the gravel/grass path, I hit a low dip with a rough tuft of grass, and fell hard.  I bruised both knees, hit my hands hard, and laid several little spots on the top of my foot open as well.  Ow, dammit!

Friday morning was really nice.  The Writer and I chilled and talked most of the morning until I realized that it was growing late.  I made brunch and she made coffee, and we talked more as we ate.  Then I worked on the Professor’s competition dress, and we headed off to pick up the Ambassador, visit my mother in the hospital, and then drop the Ambassador back off at school for the Homecoming football game.  Back home for dinner and more work on the dress to finish it, but I was exhausted, and really sore from falling.  At least the Skankees lost!  (That made my whole day!)

Saturday was Feis Day.  I woke up with my tonsils resembling two puffer fish jockeying for position in a straw.  Grr.  The Professor had a meltdown before we left, which I settled, but damn.  The feis was pretty good, despite its chaos and disorganization.  Unfortunately, this school is notorious for its feisanna being total messes!  Of course, this was the first time that the Professor’s instructor would see her dance in competition in 18 months (she had two injuries that caused her to be our for a while), and also the debut of the new dress that I made for her.  The Professor hit the point where she could wear a solo dress, but hated every one we saw.  Her answer was that I, the quilter who only sews straight lines, should make this elaborate competition dress!  Lord.  It actually turned out well, but man, it caused more grey hairs than I could count.  So the Professor heads up for the first event, and does quite well.  In the second one, however, her instructor was observing from the front row.  Aaaand she mis-stepped.  Major screw-up.  The instructor frowned, and made a snide remark after the event.  However, the funny/ironic thing was that, since two dancers are on the stage at the same time, the judge missed the mistake and awarded her second place!  Cracked us right up.  =)  As usual, Feis day just kills my legs and lower back from all the standing.  I also get knocked around a lot from kids running by.  So I was hurting pretty badly by the time I got home.  We had a great dinner on the way back, and then hung out relaxing and watching the game.  (Damn the Phillies for losing!)

The whole crew except the Ambassdor went to the hospital to visit my mother and then had lunch with my sister.  It was great to see her finally, and we had a nice lunch at a sports bar called Satisfaction.  The Steelers game was on, which was a close one, but we did win!  Then back home to finish laundry, and just chill.  I’m still feeling sick/worn out, so it’ll be nice to just relax tonight and watch the Writer’s football team (Vikings) take on the Packers.

Tomorrow…back to work.  *blech*



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  1. Vikings suck. That is all. And, thank you again for housing me. A good time was had by all.

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